Saturday, June 9, 2012

American Cancer Society Relay for Life

I have the most amazing friend. She truly inspires me. She is an amazing Christian mom, wife and friend. She puts everyone before herself. She is loving and selfless and kind. She is creative, and strong and helpful. She is generous, compassionate and sensitive. I am so blessed to call her friend. Prior to ever meeting her (I cant believe we haven't been friends for that long) she was diagnosed with advanced cancer. She went through surgery, and chemo, and radiation. She did trial drugs, and just went through a really tough time. During that time she had FOUR little kids. I want to say the oldest was I think 5, and the youngest two who are twins were two! To say this was a trial would be an understatement. But when you hear her speak of this time in their lives, or the subsequent years, she ALWAYS talks about God and His strength and His grace and provision during that time in their lives. It is truly inspiring to listen to her speak. Our town every year does a huge Relay for Life that raises tons of money for the ACS. This year I brought the kids along with me. We walked in support of Meg and also of sweet Lucy, who is fighting cancer right now. You can read all about this amazing little girl and her amazing family here, and please keep them in your prayers. Here are some photos from the Relay.... Meg and Mr P A view of the field Meg and another wonderful friend Tippany Meg and I Meg's husband Jeremy, her son Josiah, and Mr P

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