Sunday, July 1, 2012

MassGeneral in the morning

Tomorrow was origionally scheduled to be a follow up for Preston for six months after we saw the GI for allergies. Sam and Preston both see the same doc, and he is fabulous. So with that being said, they just added Sam onto Preston's appointment tomorrow. So I am so grateful that they will eyeball Sam tomorrow. Although he had a normal BM on friday (actually two) he has since had the abnormal ones since and has complained a lot about pain. I am not sure what the plan will be, but I am thankful that they will see him tomorrow. I had really thought that the medication for ulcerative colitis was really helping him but it would appear that the last few days that it is no longer as effective as it had been. So since last week I participated in the blog commenting challenge I didn't really post any pics, so here are some pics from last week with more to come....
My best friend Chantal came over with her two girls for several hours one day and Preston and the girls played together, or rather the girls watched P play.
Matt got a little pool for my two little fish to swim in the other day. They absolutely love swimming and have such a blast. Sam has gotten really brave already this year and jumps off diving boards, docks, or whatever to get into the water. It cracks me up because whatever he jumps into he comes up from under the water every time looking completely shocked/startled.

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