Monday, July 16, 2012

Canobie Lake Park

Our kids had never been to an amusement park. So since Matt had monday off, we asked my mom to watch Preston for the day and took the older two to Canobie Lake Park. It is a smaller amusement park. The kids had a great time. Matt and I did as well. We asked Matt's cousin Chris along too. So Matt had a partner to go on the bigger rides with. But Sammy (the little dare devil) wanted to go on most of the rides himself. He went on every ride that he was big enough to go on. And was disappointed that he couldn't go on the biggest roller coasters. Since Sophia is so much shorter than Sam, we actually weren't together for a good part of the day. Matt, Chris and Sam were going on the bigger rides, and Soph was going on the more child sized rides. The first ride Sophia chose was the little train ride that went around the perimeter of the park.
AFter that we went on the carousel. This was one of her favorite rides. We went on it several times. Thankfully, since it was a monday the lines for most of the rides were exceedingly short. So they really got to ride most of the rides a few times in a row.
After the carousel I got to spend some time with Sam and Soph, as Matt and Chris went on some bigger rides. First we went on the ferris wheel. Sam wanted to take some pictures from the top of the wheel.
And the kiddos did some of the kiddie rides. Sam wanted to fly in an army helicopter like his uncle Dennis. Soph chose the green and purple because green is my favorite color and purple is hers. Sweetie!
Daddy and Sammy on the Dragon Coaster...

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