Thursday, July 19, 2012

6 Year check up and a bike accident

So Sammy had his six year check up with Dr V the other day. He is now 44lb (20kg) and is 45 inches tall! He is essentially in the 50th percentile for height, and a little under it for weight. So he is doing awesome! There were no vaccines or bloodwork. They did do hearing and vision and he passed both of those as well. In the past year Sammy has learned to read, and write all his letters. He is sounding out words constantly, and where I used to spell words to Matt to tell him something I now have to change my tactic because Sam spells it back and figures it out. He has become more interested in games, and some favorites are matching, and Scrabble junior. He also has gotten very interested int he Nintendo DS that was given to him by my sister. As well as his leapster. Legos are somehting he is continuing to develop an interest in. He is really awesome at following the step by step instrutions. But unfortunately gets really frustrated when he cant figure a word out. He has become more creative, and does tons of drawing and creating things. I love seeing this side develop. He is swimming so well now too. He swims along underwater too. He has also become a little scarier for me:-) He is becoming an adventurous little boy. In the past two weeks, he has gotten a second/third degree burn (he was at campfire and didn't obey the rules), a bike accident in which he smashed his face on the pavement, and has gotten stuck up in a tree!!! I have always said I just wanted him to be a normal little kid, but man I don't know if my heart can handle this type of stuff.

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