Sunday, July 29, 2012

An ER visit

Poor Preston has been so miserable the last few days. Thursday he had a temperature of 103.8 in the night, but then in the morning woke up without a fever and seemed ok throughout the day. Then thursday night he had a fever again, but woke up friday morning without a fever again. I called the doctors office just to talk to them to see if there was any type of virus' going around and there has been. He didn't really have any real symptoms besides being fussy and having a fever. So we were going to wait it out. Our pediatrician was on all weekend so I knew that we could call her if we needed to. So yesterday Preston was very irritable all day and wasn't eating well at all. He wouldn't take any food, his bottle, or his sippy cup. He would nurse, but I was anxious since he has been eating food now that I wouldn't have enough milk to sustain him and keep him hydrated with his high fevers. He fell asleep and sometime around 10pm woke up absolutely inconsolably screaming. He was absolutely miserable. There was nothign that we could do that was helpful. I had given him tylenol and motrin a little bit earlier, he wouldn't nurse, he didn't want to be held or put down. He was absolutely miserable, my husband touched his head and he seemed to flinch from it. So that really scared me. Since he had the meningitis when he was tiny, this really made me nervous. We went to the ER, and they took us right in. He had a really bad ear infection in one ear, the other was pink but not all the way infected. The ER doctor also believes he has a stomach bug as well. Poor munchkin. They ended up giving him a heavy duty antibiotic as a shot. Poor guy cried so hard. And now he will be on oral antibiotics for the next ten days or so. We are also contemplating going to an ENT to get tubes put in his ear possibly. Here is a cute pic of my guy from a few days ago....

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  1. Oh my gosh, how scary! So glad you didn't have to wait at all in the er. Hope he starts feeling better!