Saturday, July 7, 2012

Swimming at the Lake

SO we have started Sam on an all natural dietary supplement that they all claim will heal his colitis, and eventually allow him to have all the regular food back in his diet. It sounds pretty far fetched to me, and I am totally skeptical, but it is a vitamin and nutrient cocktail, and so I am willing to try it just to see if it does something. If it doesn't it is a healthy dose of vitamins at the very least for him. So I am praying that it is really helpful. And if so you better believe I will be sharing all about it here. In other news Preston has ANOTHER ear infection:-( Poor little pumpkin. Both ears are pretty inflammed, and we started antibiotics on wednesday night, so he is starting to feel better. He is on zithromax again. We were able to spend some time with my mom and sister, and my nieces and nephew the other day at the lake. The kids had so much fun together. It is really sad because we don't really see our other little cousins that much so I feel bad that my kids won't get to have the super close fun memories like I have with my cousins as much.
My sister Denise, her husband Ron, and their three kids, Davion, Dasanee and Danay are all moving down to North Carolina. It will be so sad not having them around anymore. I am glad that the kids got to play in the water again together before they left

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