Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pony Rides and ANOTHER new doctor....

So I am surrounded by some of the most amazing wonderful women. My kids are so spoiled by so many people. They are loved by so many and I am so thankful. One of my wonderful friends, Judy, has a pony and two horses. She invited us over to play and the kids just had a wonderful time. Judy's daughter Audrey was in Sophia's nursery school class. And the girls got a long wonderfully. Also in Sophia's class is her friend Alison, whose older brother Sam was in my Sam's class last year. So the boys had a wondeful time playing too. First the kids got to ride the pony, Pearl. They each really enjoyed Pearl as she was so gentle...
Sam riding Pearl
Sophia riding Pearl
Alison and Sophia
Sophia, Audrey, and Alison
Sam riding Tess
Sophia riding Tess Then today Sam had an early appointment at Children's. Back in May when Sam had his follow up with his immunologist, Dr Baxi expressed some concerns he had with some of Sam's skin tone, as well as some marking on his skin, and he requested that we be seen by a dermatologist. So we had that appointment today. Dr Gellis was very nice. But there were several comments that were made that made me pretty sad. He started off the conversation by saying "Wow your son has quite the extensive medical history, I've not seen anything like it." Which just reminds me what a struggle poor Sam has had. He then went on to inspect Sam skin, which does have some abnormal markings, and he also apparently has a very large amount of moles, in very unusual areas. The doctor kept saying how "unusual" and "concerning" these markings were. He then went on to ask very explicitely about skin cancer in both my and Matt's side of the family. He said to keep a very close eye on his skin, and to call if there are any concerns or changes in his skin.

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  1. I am so sorry to hear about the doctors remarks. Can that boy catch a break?! What a trooper. I will continue to pray for Sam's health. I hope he is able to enjoy his summer. Looks like they all had a blast riding the pony. Sweet kiddos you have!