Friday, July 27, 2012

Free Fun Fridays at the N. Easton Children's Museum

A fantastic organization called the Highland Street Foundation, sponsors an event here in Massachusetts called "Free Fun Fridays." This event allows free admission to multiple places throughout the state from spring until the fall on fridays. Places include, multiple Children's museums, science museums, plymouth plantation, several zoos, an armory, and many others. We have done several of the trips now and have had such a great time. This friday we went to the Easton Children's Museum, which is built inside of an old firehouse. The kids thought that it was so cool.
The museum was very busy but thankfully while we were waiting to go inside they had a wonderful area outside that the kids got to enjoy as well as a little magic show that had them laughing hysterically.
After about an hour and a half of playing outside and doing all of the outside activities we got to head inside....
Sophia climbed up in the firehouse
Sam was really enjoying being in the fire engine and spraying the firehose.
Sophia at the Post Office
Sam in the doctors office. It is kind of funny how excited both of the kids were in the medical room. They loved the crutches, walker, incubator, wheelchair etc.
Sophia in the dinosaur room looking through a microscope at artifacts
Sam at the lobster ship
Sophia in the ship, being the "captain"
There was a great exhibit that was all about space, there was a shuttle that the kids could go in, and this area where Sam is was computors that they could play with, but there was actually real footage of space and space shuttles

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