Monday, July 2, 2012

GI Update

Frustrated doesn't even begin to explain how I feel about todays GI appointment. In which the doctor said "I don't really care if he has a bloody nose all the time as long as his belly doesn't hurt..." in regards to the fact that the hematologist recommended taking him off a specific medication that has a known affect on platelets. We stopped that medication (Periactin) a month ago, and since we have stopped the medication he has not had ONE bloody nose, whereas before he was having several a week. So essentially we MAY help his belly but we may also affect his platelets and cause bleeding....I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place. That being said I know that this is just small stuff, but to me today it is a big deal. I don't really want to be responsible for giving him medication taht I know affects his platelets, and I don't want to not give him medication that could prevent him from being curled up on the floor in the fetal position with pain. I know that God has all of this in his hands and that Sam will be ok. That God's plans for my little guy are perfect. But I just wish I knew what that plan was. In other news he is 43lb 2oz again! So praise God he is gaining again! And he is almost 48inches tall!!!:-) Preston also had a GI follow up today. We essentially are discharged from GI for Preston! Rejoicing!!!! GI said to slowly introduce dairy and soy on a specific schedule and as long as that all goes well then we don't need to go back. Preston was 18lb 8oz and was 28 1/4inches long!!! Tomorrow is IVIG for Sam so please pray that the IV goes in easily and that there are no reactions I am just so thankful for these two:-)

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  1. I think any thing at all that has to do with our kids' well being is a big deal. Sending love as you juggle things.