Friday, July 13, 2012

Sam's Army birthday

So it took Sam the longest time to determine what type of birthday party he wanted this year. We had interest in legos, in star wars, in dinosaurs, in Army, in super heros, etc etc. Finally he decided he wanted Army like Uncle Dennis. Now mind you it is kind of difficult to make a cake without any dairy, eggs, or flour that contains rice, rye or barley. But my amazing friend found a wonderful recipe on and it came out delicious. Everyone ate it and thought it was awesome.
Sam and Sophia really enjoyed the cake and THE FROSTING
My mom made this really cool Shark Attack fruit salad. It was so cool and the kids loved it. They loved the ocean themed types of candy. So fun!
He also wanted S'mores for his party. Again a little difficult to find chocolate that he can have, but I have found dairy free chocolate chips so that is what we used for his S'mores.
It was just a really fun time. We had lots of family and friends and Sam just had a great time hanging out with the people that really care about him and have supported him throughout all the medical craziness these last few years.

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