Thursday, December 1, 2011


So as I have been going through some scary things with the kids these last few weeks, I have gotten caught up and filled with anxiety and occasionally fear. I have forgotten to be thankful and keep my eyes on the ONE who is in control. I have nothing to fear because God is with us. Whatever is going on with Sophia, God is going to be with us through it family leaving? God has blessed me with an amazing Christian family....finances? God ALWAYS provides there in ways least expected... So in an effort to remind myself to stay focused on the only thing that matters thursdays are going to be my "Thankful Thursdays." This thursday I am thankful for... -my three amazingly beautiful precious children Samuel, Sophia and Preston -for my hard working dedicated husband -for a God who KNOWS and SEES my need and meets it sometimes before I even know it is a need -for my family who have helped me so much -for a job that I enjoy and for co-workers who are also friends -for my sisters in Christ, who continually lift me up and encourage me in my walk of faith -for my home, and the warmth/comfort that it brings -for God's financial provision for our family -for an amazing church, that is Bible based, and focused on God's will -for the peace that God gives -for the amazing doctors that I have to care for myself and my family -for the "stuff" God has given us: a great camera, computor, toys etc -for friends that make me laugh, encourage me to grow, love on my children and myself, teach me, etc I am just so incredibly blessed, yes I do have a lot on my plate, but God has given me ALL I need to not only survive but to THRIVE and to walk in His blessing. How can I not feel thankful:-) Praying that you are reminded of His goodness too:-)

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