Friday, December 23, 2011

MRI results, IVIG fiasco and Christmas blessings

Goodness, it has been such a crazy week!!! I am rejoicing today in the fact that Sophia DOES NOT have a tumor or any form of cancer on her bone! I am so thankful and relieved. I didn't even realize the stress that I was carrying around while waiting for the MRI and then the results. I was speaking with my cousin yesterday and she really helped me put things into perspective when she said "GOD knows!" And He does, no matter what the outcome, no matter what my thoughts/feelings are God knows, and I am so grateful to have that knowledge. So yesterday morning to add to the craziness of our week, I opened our mail and it stated that Sam's IVIG had been denied! As this had never happened before I didn't know even where to begin with fighting it. He was actually due for his treatment yesterday and I panicked thinking that it was a holiday weekend and that he would be exposed to tons of friends and family throughout the weekend, and that we would end up in the hospital next week....But praise God, things have worked out! God opened the doors for the approval to go back through and we went in tonight for his IVIG. Unfortunately it was a HORRIBLE day for an IV for Sam. It took eight attempts and three nurses to finally get an IV in him. I just feel so awful when that is what happens to him. Thankfully he is such a trooper but I wish he didn't have to be. I really wish that we could get a port for him but his immunologist doesn't think that this is a good idea. His multiple other doctors think that it is though....I thought as he got older IV access would get easier but it hasn't yet. This week has been a complete and total roller coaster ride! But throughout the whole thing God has been beside me carrying me through. It is so strange to think back this week to how things have been absolutely crazy, but that in each and EVERY situation God was right there seeing us through. How amazing is he??? Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I am so ready to celebrate the miraculous coming of our Lord to this earth!!! Praising God tonight, knowing that He is a God of miracles, and that regardless of our circumstances that NEVER CHANGES!!!

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