Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thankful Thursday

This week I am so thankful for my family. My mom has been such an inspiration to me throughout my life. She is so hard working and gives of herself so selflessly. I can't imagine how hard things are going to be when her and my father move away. I am thankful also for my dad, who has always been such a hard worker, and goal oriented. Teaching us to keep motivating and keep moving toward our goals. In the last few years since I have become a parent I have come to appreciate my parents even more than I already had. They are just such a blessing to me. My mom has a tradition of buying the grandchildren (and sometimes us too) Christmas pajamas every year. Well this year she actually got them matching outfits! All seven grandchildren!!! Well unfortunately my oldest nephew wouldn't fit in the sizes available, but everyone else was matching. We tried to get some photos but it was a struggle to get them all:-)
All of my parents grandchildren with them:-)
My 3 Miracles
My sister Denise, her husband Ron, and their kids (oldest to youngest) Elijah, Davion, Dasanee, and Danae
My mom and Danae
Dasanee and Sophia
Elijah, Davion, Dasanee, Samuel, and Sophia ("the big kids")
All the boys
ALL seven grandchildren
Darius and Danae: these two are such a joy to watch. They are so close in age and it is fun watching them interact with each other.

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