Wednesday, December 21, 2011

16 Weeks

I can't believe my little Preston is sixteen weeks old!!! He is such a little love. We have had a horrible last few days with him though. His reflux has been awful and he has been so uncomfortable, poor guy. When he isn't uncomfortable he has been smiling and cooing up a storm. He is really loving being under his gyminin, and also now his glider chair that we got him. He has actually been sleeping in the glider so he is more inclined to help with the reflux. He has giggled twice now and oh I just love that sound. I attempted to not swaddled him for two nights, and those nights were rough so I am going to swaddle again tonight and see if he is any better. He is getting a double chin!!! Oh it is just the cutest little thing. And he is drooling and blowing bubbles. He has even made the raspberry sound once!!! He is really getting interested in holding the parrot on his gymini but also whacking at the things hanging down whereever he is at. SOOO CUTE! He didn't get weighed this past week but I am thinking he is really close to 12lbs now! He is definitely outgrown the 0-3months, and some of the straight 3month stuff. He actually wore a 6month outfit today that fit him pretty well because he is so tall. I think he is going to be tall like his daddy:-), thankfully not short like me

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