Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Wow another blessed day we have had. We spent a part of the day with each of our families, and also went to a wonderful Christmas Eve service at our church. My favorite holiday tradition has always been spending Christmas Eve at my mom's house as she has hosted a birthday party for Jesus. This year the typical traditional things that she does didn't happen, which was a little sad, but it was wonderful to all be there as a family. My brother Dennis and sister Johanna drove up as a surprise for Christmas so it was wonderful to spend the time with them as well, especially since my brother will be deploying in february... My Auntie Irene and Danay
Preston and Auntie Johanna
Dasanee and her baby doll
This is my sister Doreen and my future brother in law....they got engaged on Christmas Eve!!!!:-) Welcome to the family Christian. We are glad to have you
The kids anxiously waiting in front of the tree, for their gift from Meme' and grandpa.
Sam and Sophia with their Christmas Eve gift from my parents
This was my favorite part of the night...My parents have been married for 32 years and have never been on a honeymoon. Shortly after they were married my dad was deployed and continued to be frequently deployed for the next twenty years. They also continued to keep having children (LOL), and therefore the finances and childcare situation has never been right to allow for a honeymoon. And now they have health issues, and my sister Doreen and her baby living with them, so still financially would be a challenge. But my brother Dennis and his wife Johanna actually bought a time share, and are giving it to my parents this year, for them to go on a honeymoon! Both of my parents got teary eyed. I am so thankful that my brother and sister were able to do this for them! I cannot wait for them to have their well deserved honey moon!!!
After our afternoon at my moms we went to a wonderful Christmas Eve service at our church. The service was geared towards kids, and really simplified the Nativity story, explaining what a census was etc etc. My older two had a wonderful time and I truly enjoyed it as well. After that we went to Matt's grandmother's house. Although unfortunately I don't have many pictures, the kids had a great time there as well. This first one is of Sam and his cousin Jacob, this is Matt's only sibling Tim's son.
And this is my mother in law Cindy with Sammy, of course that boy of mine always is wiggling...
And this special couple are Matt's cousins. Tracy and Peter, who live in Virginia. Peter is in the navy so unfortunately they live far away, but we love it when they come up.
And then after this crazy busy fun filled day I went in to work 11p-7a in the ICU at the hospital....

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