Thursday, December 1, 2011

3 months old

Can you believe my baby is 3 months already??? Me either? Where does the time go? This week he is so smily and his cooing is become louder and there are starting to be different sounds instead of always the same. So my monthly posts will essentially be chronically his growth (physically) as well as (cognitively) within the last month. And of course hopefully I will continue to get pictures of him with his Army bear. Weight: 2months: 8lb 3oz 3months: 10lb 6oz (he has gained 2lb and 3oz!!!) Height: 2months: 23inches 3months: 24inches (an inch in a month? Not sure if this is accurate but wow if it is!!!) Cognitive: 2months: smiling occasionally, not always intentional. Tracking with his eyes if you were close enough. Batting at toys by accident 3months: smiles in response to us, gets really excited when you smile and talk fast to him, cooing intentionally in response to us talking to him:-) Physical: 2months: very jerky movements with arms and legs. Clumsily would get hand to mouth but not intentionally. Rolls out of anger when placed on his belly 3months: hits his toys intentionally on his gymini and swing. Reaching out to touch my face. Rolls when he is tired of being on his belly.
And Preston with the bear at 2 months:

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