Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day

Since I worked Christmas Eve overnight I was so concerned that I wouldn't get home before the munchkins woke up Christmas morning. But they slept until almost 8am! I was so thankful. They had a blast opening their gifts and playing with their new toys. Christmas was small this year as the finances are pretty tight, but the kids were really happy with their gifts. Sophia got a baby backpack for her Bitty Baby and some clothes for her. She was thrilled with that gift. She also really enjoyed many of her stocking stuffers: her watch, her bath toys, her lip gloss etc etc. Sammy was thrilled with his nerf gun (NOT my favorite thing!), and his new wood working kit. He also enjoyed many of his stocking stuffers, especially the "Flarp" which is noise making goo. After we opened gifts, we went to church, which unfortunately I didn't get to hear any of the message as Preston was exceedingly irritable at that time and I couldn't get him to sleep. After church we went to my mom's for a few hours and got to spend some time with my family. And then after that Matt, Sam and Sophia went to his aunts house for dinner and Preston and I came home, as I was extremely exhausted by that point. We sang happy birthday to Jesus which is a very special tradition I want to continue with my kids. I think in the future I would like to do the same type of thing that my mom has always done on Christmas Eve, which is have a birthday party for Jesus! We make a cake and sing happy birthday to him....Reading the Christmas story would be a perfect part of that.
It was really nice to see how excited the kids were this year. They really were thrilled and it was so fun to be a part of that.
Preston has become so serious lately when he sees a camera. He has these huge gummy smiles that just melt my heart but as soon as you pull out the camera he gets very serious and quiet.
Wood working with Daddy
Sophia's baby backpack.

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