Wednesday, December 7, 2011

14 Weeks

Wow time is flying! Preston has had a rough week this week. Unfortunately he and I both have come down with a cold. He seems to be tolerating it ok, but I am always anxious when my kids get sick as it always seems to snowball from something minor into something major. He has been especially needy and wants to snuggle almost constantly, which of course I love to snuggle but it is hard to do that and take care of my other two. He is continuing to nurse like a champ and loves his momma:-) He is really starting to bat at things that are hanging in front of him. We actually received a new seat for him in the mail today. It is the fisher price soothing motions glider. He seems to like it. It might give me a few minutes to get things done. Knowing he is my last baby, I find myself never wanting to put him down. At fourteen weeks Preston is still NOT sleeping well. This week has been especially difficult, but I am sure it is due to the illness. He is nursing about every 2.5 to 3 hours in the day. And the night is about the same. The reflux had seemed to be a little better for a few days but these last couple it has gotten a little worse again. I am not sure if it is a post nasal drip thing, or if it is that he has already outgrown his medication dose again. We actually go in next week for a weight check, so we will see then what the doctor thinks. He has gotten quite a few nicknames lately- from me: Pumpkin Pie, Mr P, Sweetness. from Sophia: Little Guy, Munchie and from Sam: Bubba:-) It is so fun to watch them interact with him, and now he is really really watching them and starting to respond to them. Sam does this little dance in the last week or so, that makes Preston get these huge gummy smiles. Just melts my heart. He is really fitting in the 3month clothes well now. The 3-6 month stuff is definitely on the bigger side, but the straight 3months is fitting nicely. He is continuing in the size one diapers and I think we will be there for a while. Feeding by bottle has been a little better this week. I was getting nervous that I would have all this breast milk and it would just be thrown away because he wouldn't drink it. But after some trial and error we are using Avent bottles (I LOVED these with Sam) and he is doing fairly well with them. He is taking between 2 and 4.5oz at a feeding!!! He really wants to be a big boy! Matt said one feeding last week he took FIVE ounces at once!!!

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