Monday, December 12, 2011

Doctors appointments

Since this is my journal I try to keep track of Sam's illnesses so that I can quickly reference the last time he has been on antibiotics and which one specifically he was on...
-So I forgot to mention Sam has an ear infection and sinus infection. He started azithromycin last wednesday.

We had a fun weekend. Busy but fun. I worked my first scheduled full twelve hour shift friday night. It totally kicked my behind. I was absolutely exhausted. Thankfully I did get to sleep a few hours on saturday. I had to feed My Preston at 10:30, so I got to sleep 8:30 until 10, and once I got up Matt took Sophia and Sam on a bike ride. Unfortunately it was less than half way into the bike ride that Sophia started complaining that her legs hurt. But thankfully Matt had thought ahead and brought a rope in order to pull her bike back:-) When they came back from the bike ride Sophia was exhausted, and fell asleep.
While Sophia, Preston and I took a nap, Matt and Sam went to go fly a kite (and chase some geese!!!).
Saturday night we went to our friend's Trish and Morgan's. It was a nice time. The kids made their own pizza's which is always fun. Sophia put broccoli and pepperoni on hers. Sam had pepperoni and bacon, he is certainly his dad's kid when it comes to pizza. We didn't head home until about 11!!!
Yesterday we went to church. I was so incredibly blessed to be able to go this week. I am just praying against illness in Preston. I HATE to not go to church and just decided thatI was going to go and bring him. I tried to not let anyone touch him too much and sat in the back away from everyone. Awww was so blessed to be there:-) I am so thankful for my amazing church and church family.
There is this wonderful ministry at our church that is called the Prayer Shawl/Blanket Ministry. It is a group of women who get together and knit blankets. As they are knitting they pray over them! They gave me one when I was pregnant with Preston, it was such a comfort and visible reminder that I had an ENTIRE church body praying for myself and "Baby Surprise." Now they have made one for Preston. His prayer blankie has one of those little hoods sewn into it like the bathtowels have:-) I will post pics later....We are so blessed.
Miss Sophia has a follow up with the eye doctor today. When they were thinking that she had rheumatoid arthritis we started seeing the eye doctor, so this is a follow up. Praying that she behaves and all goes well.

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