Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I feel like that word is such a big part of my life lately.. -I am TRYING to keep up with the laundry -I am TRYING to keep the house clean -I am TRYING to feed my kids healthier foods -I am TRYING to make fun Christmas traditions with my kids -I am TRYING to be a better wife to my husband -I am TRYING to be a better mom -I am TRYING to be a good friend -I am TRYING to get more excercise and eat healthier And most of the time I feel like none of my effort is any good. But I am so so very thankful for the One who makes my efforts good. The One who turns my failures into success. The One who loves me despite of me. The One who picks me up when I am too tired to continue. I am just so thankful! It is so easy in this Christmas season to focus on the business of the season, and forget to focus on Jesus, the true reason for the season. As I struggle with my feelings of inadequacy I am reminded that God sent His son to fix all of that FOR ME!!! And so I will continue to strive to be better for HIM, knowing that He is walking each step of this walk with me and that "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philipian 4:13

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