Monday, September 24, 2012

Upper GI

Today MR P haad his upper GI series done. It went very well and he tolerated it well. He actually really wanted to drink the barium! Silly boy, doesn't want to take anything but my milk and BARIUM!!! So I am praising God tonight that the upper GI showed no blockages! It did show that he is refluxing, and since they are already treating that with two medications it must have been really bad at home, or the meds they are giving arent' working. In any case they are changing them and we are hoping for improvement. As of now we have LOTS of blood work pending. These studies, are looking for a malabsorption syndrome or an immuno-deficiency. Those are the most likely things that could be wrong that they are thinking. There are some other pending studies as well. I am praying that we will have some more thinks that they are thinking are wrong to eliminate off the list tomorrow. He has a worsening rash on his trunk. We aren't sure what it is from.... It might be a part of whatever this illness is, but the infectious disease docs are watching him closely. Today he was more playful and it was so nice to get some smiles out of him. I got a glipse of my guy before he got sick, and oh the joy it brought to my heart is indescribable. I am just so thankful that I have this amazing little boy, and although this has been so hard and so drawn out, it is a reminder again of God;s love, I can't imagine the heart break of God watching Jesus' life unfold, knowing the ending of the story. And yet he loved us so much that He allowed it. I just can't even beging to fathom that great love. As I have sat here with Mr P and seen all he has gone through it has been heartbreaking, exhausting, frustrating etc etc, but I can't imagine letting someone hurt him. What amazing love our Father has for us!!! When P was feeling good this morning we played with blocks, it was so nice to see him playing.
Have you seen that commercial where there is a muscle builder and he keeps saying "I pick things up and put them down?" The above pics are MR P's version of picking things up and throwing, I mean putting them down:-) It felt like I was constantly picking things up today:-) This song so speaks to my heart....

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  1. You have to stop posting Casting Crown songs...I keep adding to my collection! ;-)