Wednesday, September 5, 2012


So over the weekend Matt had to work so I had some help taking care of the munchkins and am trying desperately to get my back better. We also ended up going to a birthday party that the kids had a blast at. It was for two year old Austin. The kids had a blast as did I, although even though I had TONS of help with the kids at the party and didn't even have Preston with me my back was throbbing when we were done. The kids swam in the pool even though it was kind of chilly.....
Preston is becoming such an active little explorer these days. It is quite the challenge to get him to sit still for any amount of time especially in the tub.
Sophia is BEYOND EXCITED to be going to preschool. We are so excited to be sending her to a preschool in which there is a gymnastics class as a part of the tuition. She is so excited. I had a friend of mine who has her own business make Soph this really cute headband for her, You should check out her facebook page at:!/LilRouxbarbsGarden

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