Thursday, September 6, 2012

Herniated discs, preschool and fun

So I had my follow up doctors appt this week for work related back injury. The doctor is ordering an MRI, as she thinks I have ANOTHER herniated disc! I am discouraged about this. It stinks as I was really getting to a point where I was feeling like the back injury from previously a few years ago was behind me. And here we are again. So at this point the doctor has extended my time out of wokr anther three weeks. It is nice to be home, but awful to be so uncomfortable. It would be wonderful to have this much time off work to be able to do do something fun. Oh well such is life. Sophia had her first official day of preschool and she was beyond excited. She actually woke Sam up today saying "Today is my first day of preschool. It's going to be so awesome. Sam then told her that big school was just work work work. He totally cracks me up.
These first top pics are from her orientation day the other day. Again she was SO SO EXCITED. And then these next few were from today...

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