Saturday, September 22, 2012

MassGeneral Day #2

We had an ok night with Mr P last night. Still had some vomiting. But slept a little better (of course he was on me so I didn't) so seems like he has a little more enery this morning. We have seen four doctors already this morning, and will likely see a few more before the day is out. So far GI is saying that they are going to increase his reflux meds and do an upper GI, and ultrasound on monday if not sooner if emergency situation arises. We then saw infectious disease doctors, who seem perplexed by the length of time he has been sick the symptoms that he has had and the reaction that he has had to medications... Nobody really knows what to do. Today they allowed me to feed him and each time he did he vomited large quantities. But then was perfectly ok. Poor guy. We got to wash him up a couple of times which helped because he loves the water and he was definitley getting stinky. Unfortunately the IV that he had from Heywood stopped working today, so this morning they started another one. But that one has also now blown. The IV team nurse just came in and attempted to get another one in, and unfortunately they were unable to. They are calling the PICU team, and there is mention of foot or scalp IV. I am freaking out about this, it is really something silly but for some reason the thought of a scalp veing just bothers me so much. Sam had one as a newborn and it was AWFUL!!! Praying hard that it doesn't end up there. My best friend came this morning and brought all kinds of snacks and stuff to read. I am so thankful for her and the laughter that she brought into this room today. My parents also came and I was so thankful for them coming. They just helped me feel a little less frazzled, and helped calm my anxious nerves. Infectious disease said this morning that they wanted to do ten days of IV antibiotics, but now he has had another reaction to the medication so I am not sure what we are going to do next... Please keep praying for my boy

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