Sunday, September 9, 2012

When life is just too busy....

Gosh I just can't keep up these days. This whole back thing has totally slowed me down, but becuase I am moving so slowly I am running behind in EVERYTHING. We have had a crazy busy few days but are doing ok. Sam had IVIG on friday and it went well. The IV went in on the first attempt PRAISE GOD!!! Such an answer to prayer on that one. He tolerated the infusion well, and he was able to watch that new movie that was released "The Lorax." Which my kiddos really enjoyed. They had watched it in the theater when it was first released but hadn't watched it since. So he really enjoyed it. And I was so blessed to have Auntie TeeTee join us for the infusion. Preston has had a really rough last week or so, with loose stools, irritability and poor appetite. So I was so thankful to have auntie TeeTee to help with Preston, and she has always wanted to come and support Sam during his treatment. Auntie TeeTee lives in Oregon, but we have been spoiled having her around the last few months, and have really enjoyed spending lots of time with her.
And then on saturday my youngest sister needed a ride to work so I drove over to my parents to pick her up. I left Sam there with my dad when I brought Doreen to work. When I came back to grab Sam there was a guy outside talking with my dad. He introduced himself to me and called me "M'am", so I totally was thinking he was military. And he was. He was a buddy of my youngest brother Dennis' who when Dennis had met up here recruiting. He was coming over to my parents house to help my parents with their yard. Since my dad has been struggling so much health wise the last several months he has been unable to do all the yard work. So God bless this soldier who spent his day off, edging, line trimming, weed whacking, poison ivy killing, and lawn mowing someone else's house. My dad made comments such as that he felt guilty, and this man said "Don't ever feel guilty, Dennis is my brother and that makes us family, and families help each other..." What a tremendous blessing! I can't even say how much it blessed my heart to see this this weekend. I know that God has filled our lives with absolutely amazing people who truly are gifts from God, but I am just so thankful for our military and for the sacrifices they make here and around the world. Thank you kind men/women for your service EVERYWHERE! And thank you sir for blessing our family so tremendously!!! The kids had a BLAST riding on his lawn mower with him
Please keep Preston in your prayers. He has had a really rough past week but since thursday it has been even worse with explosive diarrhea, and now a rash that looks eerily similar to chicken pox. I am praying that it isn't as we have been around lots and lots of people, but am not sure yet. Poor guy has been having lots of diarrhea and fussiness though. We will be headed into the doctors tomorrow. I also have my MRI of my back tomorrow so please keep that in your prayers as well. Thank you so very much!!!

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