Saturday, September 15, 2012

Praise You in the storm...

This song is speaking to my heart today. I am frazzled but praising God regardless. I talked to our primary this morning, she will be getting us in to immunology and GI ASAP on monday, sooner if needed. I am trying so hard not to compare the two boys... but it is hard not to. Especially if I look at Sophia and how healthy she has been. Today Preston has vomited his antibiotics:-( I am not sure what the doctor will say about that. I am waiting for a call back from him. If I think about this with Sam, Sam was started on the oral antibiotics but didn't tolerate them and vomited them so we ended up in the hospital.... Choosing prayer over worry right now! Rejoicing in God's power over Preston's infection, and knowing that God knows each step of the way.

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