Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Endoscopy and sigmoidoscopy

Today was Preston's scope. It was a fairly rough morning with lots of crying due to him being hungry prior to the procedure. Thankfully they were able to take him a little earlier than expected. I was able to go into the procedure room and stayed with him until he was asleep and then had to leave. It is so awful to see your child limp and lifeless and their eyes roll back in their head. He gave the team quite the scare, after he was given the sedative his throat went into spasms so his oxygen saturations dropped and they had to give him a short acting paralizing medication called succinylcholine to help them break the spasms and be able to get the tube down so they could oxygenate him. He did very well. His esophagus looks great, and his colon looks good. They did do biospies of both of these areas. His stomach looked pretty inflammed and swollen. Unfortunately they won't know what is causing all of the swelling and inflammation until the results of the stomach biopsies come back. But for now I am so very thankful that all went well that he is now resting comfortably and there is FINALLY talk about discharge!:-)
This is in the recovery room before he woke up at all. They actually had this adult sized oxygen mask and put that over his entire face almost...
Sleeping peacefully:-) Thanks for your prayers!!!

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  1. Oh sweet boy! I HATE that feeling of leaving them, even when they are sedated........

    Hoping that you are home soon!!