Friday, August 30, 2013

Today's the day!!! 21 days old

So they decreased the fortifier and changed the brand of fortifier that they are adding to my milk, and praise God Paisley is tolerating this much better now. She actually gained 25 grams last night so they are thrilled with that growth. She is now 4lb 15oz!!!! Big girl!!! Paisley's has a little NICU buddy named Alexander. The two of them have been side by side since we came to Emerson. Alex's mom is also a nurse, he is her third preemie, and she is a believer! We have had such a nice time chatting and getting to know each other these last few weeks. Alex is also a 33 weeker and is about a pound bigger than Paisley. He is hopefully going to get to go home tomorrow. This has been a blessing too! We have gotten to meet Irene and her family, and they live within twenty minutes of us. So we will try to get together once things get settled and into a routine. Paisley has had no more vomiting and her stools are looking better so the doctor is willing to let us go home! I am so very thankful! We have to see the pediatrician this weekend, and praise God she is willing to see us on sunday so that isn't an issue either. I was happy to see we had our favorite nurse Anne again today. It was so exciting getting her dressed in her beautiful dress that a wonderful lady made for her. She has a facebook page and I HIGHLY recommend her. She does amazing work. And she is a sweetheart to work with. Her shop is called Beautiful Brown Eyed Girl. She has made several things for me now. She actually made a matching skirt for Sophia that matches this dress. I can't wait to get their pictures together in them.

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