Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Lots of loving

Paisley is growing so well. She is now 4lb 7oz! And she is officially bigger than Sammy was when I brought him home from the hospital, as Sam was only 4lb6oz. So she is doing phenomenally well. The biggest issue that she is still having is that she won't eat very much by mouth. She is probably only taking 30-40% of her intake by mouth. We had lots of visitors today. Meme' came and snuggled Paisley for a while, and Grammie Shuttle and Gail came too. Grammie Shuttle mentioned my grammy and it made me so sad. It is so sad to know that Paisley and Preston will never be rocked and sung to this side of heaven. I also had a doctors appointment today. Unfortunately I had an allergic reaction to the steri-strips they used to close my incision. So I have blisters all over the incision and some of them the doctor believes are infected. So I started antibiotics and prayerfully nothing else will happen with it.

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