Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sammy's first day of 2nd Grade

Oh my goodness! I have a second grader!!! I can't believe it. The school bus was late this morning but thankfully it was nice weather and the other family at the stop was very nice. Sammy has Mrs. Butler, and he already knew one of the kids in his class, and made another friend too. He was excited about the specific reward system that his teacher has, and when I asked him about what his favorite and least favorite things about the day was this is what he said: "My favorite thing is the sticker chart system, you earn stickers for good work and behavior, and when you get a certain amount you get a reward. My least favorite thing was this very complicated thing we had to do with pennies and quarters." When I asked him if it was a math problem he said it wasn't, so I am not completely sure what this activity was.

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