Monday, August 19, 2013

Birth Weight

Woohoo! Miss Paisley is back to her birth weight! They like them to reach their birth weight by two weeks of age, and Miss Paisley is only ten days old! So happy she is gaining well. I met with the lactation consultant today and got some good tips because we are having a few issues, especially with her getting too tired to take in a whole feeding orally. Right now they are still giving her full feeds down her feeding tube, but hopefully within the next day or two she will start nursing well enough to start decreasing the tube feeds and taking more by mouth. I am dealing with a complete disaster at the school that Sam goes to! I am so frustrated. In the spring I filled out all the paperwork for Sam to have intra-district school choice. We had school choiced him to stay at the school last year due to a lack of school nurse at the other elementary school. I was told last spring that due to the fact that he had already school choiced to stay that this coming year would be automatic. But unfortunately they lost his paper work and therefore he isn't registered to go anywhere!!! So frustrating! I am still trying to get this situation resolved and it is so frustrating!!!

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