Thursday, August 29, 2013

So very sad...

I know in the grand scheme of things it isn't that big a deal that we are not being discharged today but I cannot stop crying. These last several weeks have been so hard and stressful. I was so looking forward to being home tonight with Matt and the kids. Just our family all together. I know that it will happen but I was so excited thinking it would be today. And of course you have the people who think it is no big deal and that God's plans are perfect ( all of which I know) but when your life has been so upside down for weeks and weeks, and there is the chance of putting your babies to bed, and snuggling with your husband for the first time in WEEKS, and then the plans are changed it was very hard for me today. Unfortunately this morning when the nurse came in to do an assessment on Paisley, she vomited forcefully out her nose and mouth and it was a good five minutes before Paisley was able to breath normally after. The vomit was very mucousy so the doctors are concerned with her digestion. They are switching the fortifier to see if that will prevent the vomit from occurring again. So prayerfully tomorrow will be our day. I know in the grand scheme of things today is a minor bump in the road, and we will all be just fine. But today my hormones and disappointment definitely got the best of me. At least Paisley is still in my room with me and she seems to be doing ok. It is just one more day (hopefully) and then we will be reunited with our family.

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