Monday, August 12, 2013

Cardiac ICU

The day after I delivered Preston I started having more issues with my heart. They transferred me to the cardiac ICU. I was heartbroken. I was allowed to see her for just a couple of minutes before they transferred me. I knew that I would have to be closely be monitored and not be able to leave the floor to go see her It was so awkward over there. All the cardiologists were so uncomfortable with the whole partum part of my care. It would have been so comical if everyone wasn't so scared (myself included) what was going on with my heart. The last tests that they had done on my heart were really bad, and the symptoms had become worse since then. I had an echocardiogram of my heart on Monday morning. On sunday night I was feeling really sorry for myself because I just wanted to hold my baby. It was so hard to go through a whole pregnancy that was so complicated, and to finally get to the delivery and not be able to be with her. The echo was great! The doctors couldn't figure out why the other tests had been so poor, but I know that God had touched my heart and that is why they couldn't determine why I was having the strange heart beat rhythm. After the echocardiogram the doctors decided that I was stable enough to leave the floor and go see Paisley. By this point Preston had not been in to see her, and thankfully Auntie Paula brought him in. He carried the milk into the NICU and was trying to give it to her through the incubator. He was so cute. After they determined that my heart was functioning better than it had been I was allowed to go back to the maternity floor. I had noticed that I had a really bad headache again but I was so desperate to see Paisley that I went to the NICU anyways. I FINALLY got to hold her on Monday for a long amount of time. It was amazing. Auntie Chantal came to see her too. She said she didn't remember her girls being that small but they certainly were....

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