Sunday, August 25, 2013


So FINALLY I got to have my whole family together. That is the biggest drawback to being here. They have such strict rules about children visiting. The doctors said that Paisley could have a little visit with her siblings. It was so fun. Sam and Sophia were beyond excited to hold her and were so proud when they held her. Neither of them wanted to allow me to take her from them. Preston initially wanted nothing to do with Paisley but then wanted to hold her. He was so cute. He held her for like 30 seconds, and then say "take her off" and tried to push her off his lap. I look at these kids and think back on each of their pregnancies and births, and am just amazed at the miracles that God has done. Each one of my babies is such an incredible blessing. God has given me so much!!! Love my family so much.

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