Friday, September 23, 2011

Weight, bath time and other randomness

So Preston and I went back to the doctor today. She was not happy with his weight gain since monday:-( It is so discouraging to know that my milk isn't good enough to help him grow. I just wish that I was enough to help him. He was 6lb almost 1oz on monday and today he was 6lb3oz. So he didn't gain the 1oz per day that she was hoping for. We will go back on monday to check and see how he does over the weekend. I am hoping he gains really well like he did last weekend. She is also going to start having visiting nurses come in next week to weigh him as well...

Sam and Soph seem to have such a love/hate relationship at times. Sometimes they get along so well. And other times I feel like they are trying to kill each other. Today was a day when they went back and forth between liking and despiseing each other....

Snuggle time

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