Monday, September 5, 2011

FINALLY the Whole story....

Be forwarned this will be a long post....So last weekend Matt had to work both saturday and sunday. This of course was the day of Hurricane Irene. I started to feel sick on saturday and called the doctor on sunday morning. The local doctor was willing to order labs so that I wouldn't have to drive the 40+ miles in the hurricane. So I had to take the kids out in the storm to the local hospital to get labs drawn. The labs came back a little worse as far as the liver function was but still weren't bad. The doctors in Boston decided that they still wanted me to come in even though labs were ok.
Unfortunately during this time, was all the water from the hurricane and rain, so our basement was flooding! I had to be down in the basement dealing with the water, while waiting for Matt to get home from work. It was absolutely crazy!!!
So my wonderful friend came and picked up Sam and Sophia and MAtt and I made the drive into Boston. When we first got there my blood pressure was VERY LOW and the baby looked pretty terrible on the monitor. So everyone was very concerned. But again my labs didn't look too terrible at that time.
The chief resident was very concerned and kept making comments about starting magnesium and delivering the baby...I was heartbroken because all I remembered about magnesium was knowing that I couldn't see the Sam becasue of it (this isn't the case though, it was becasue I was too unstable to see Sam whne I had the magnesium).
So that first night they were just watching me and checking labs frequently. Monday was just a waiting game as was tuesday...
Wednesday morning my labs started to get a little worse. The doctors became increasingly concerned throughout the day. My headache and liver pain got worse throughout the day. Finally in the early evening they decided that they would induce me. I was so thankful to finally be moving forwards versus waiting for something terrible to happen and have everything be a crisis. So in about an hour and a half time frame we were moved from the antepartum unit (where they are monitoring pregnant people with complications) down to the labor floor for an induction. My blood pressure up until wednesday had been relatively normal and stable, then wednesday evening they got one significantly higher pressure and decided to call it a day and deliver.
So after the blood pressure started to increase they decided to change the plan and deliver via c-section. So thankfully Matt and my mom were able to make it quickly. There was then a couple of emergencies so my section didn't happen until 3:28 in the morning.
So we finally got into the OR sometime after 3 in the morning. Preston Vaughn was born at 03:28 in the morning. He came out screaming his head off and initially looked amazingly good.
He weighed in at 5lb 15oz! Even for six weeks early he was so big!
When he came out screaming I was so ecstatic! It was so wonderful to have him not need to be resuscitated and have him be so beautiful. In the OR I didn't get to hold him but Matt did. It was such an amazingly emotional experience to see him in Matt's arms.

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