Friday, September 9, 2011

Preston: Day Five

On sunday I woke up heart broken knowing that I would be discharged to home, and be an hour and a half away from my little miracle and didn't have a way to stay with him. I was absolutely devastated. I cried and cried on saturday, thankfully I had a wonderful friend who was really amazing and helpful when I was so heartbroken.
But when I went down to the NICU I was reminded AGAIN about how amazing God is and how His plan is so much better than my own. That I have to truly "Let go and Let God." He knows what is best and if I get out of the way His will for our lives will unfold beautifully.
When I went to the NICU the nurse (Mary Ann) had been working and making lots of phone calls. She had been calling around trying to find a place closer to home for Preston to go. A social worker (who was NOT SUPPOSED TO BE WORKING) came in to sign some paper work. If she hadn't come in and filled out paper work then things wouldn't have worked. So she called around and found that Emerson Hospital (where I was born, and where my grandmother had been a labor and delivery nurse) had a level 2 NICU and that they would take him. I was so beyond excited, as Emerson is only about 45minutes from home. My dad came and picked me up and brought me home. Then again my amazing friend Meg came and picked me up and brought me to see him at Emerson. The nurses at Emerson are absolutely amazing!!!

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