Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Preston: Day Two

So on thursday Preston was doing really well with his breathing and they actually were trying to bottle or breast feed him. Most of the time he just cried when they tried to put anything in his mouth. I am wondering if this was because his throat was sore from being intubated. Nursing was a complete flop on this day, but I was able to pump enough for them to feed him in his feeding tube.
A wonderful friend brought Sam and Sophia in on thursday to visit and meet their baby brother. I was so thankful that Paula brought them. I hadn't gotten to see them since sunday, and it breaks my heart to be away from them. They were so excited when they came in. But were very confused as to why Preston wasn't in my room with me. When we went to the NICU Sophia was wondering why Preston had to be in a cage. Sam just seemed so proud and thrilled to have a little brother.
I also got to do some "kangaroo time" with Preston on thursday evening. This was heaven to me. We just got to spend about two hours skin to skin. It was amazing! I was just brought to tears how God had so tremendously blessed us with this amazing little boy.

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  1. Love the family all make a beautiful family and the new addition is perfect!!!