Saturday, September 17, 2011

Preston: Day Nine (9/09)

More visitors, more weight gain and tonight he gets to sleep in my room!!! I am so excited to be one of those "normal" mom's who gets to have the baby in the room with them. He gained 22grams between yesterday and todya and is 5lb 6oz. He is nursing about every 2.5-3hrs and for about 35-40minutes total. He is peeing and pooping well. He had his procedure yesterday and has had some bleeding, which of course makes me anxious since Sam has a bleeding disorder. He had his hearing screening today and passed that as well. Praising God for all kinds of good news today. If all goes well we will be discharged tomorrow afternoon! I am so so thankful! God has really been moving mountains for us to get out of here and be together as a family.
Uncle Dennis and Auntie Johanna came to visit as did Auntie Doreen, and Meme' and Sophia today. Unfortunately I didn't get lots of pics today...

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