Friday, September 9, 2011

Preston: Day Six

EMerson Hospital is amazing! The nurses are wonderful, the doctors are wonderful and Preston is thriving here. It is much calmer and quieter and he will be able to grow and thrive here. The sad thing about Emerson is that because he came from another facility he is on precautions until the cultures they did on admission come back, which is 48hrs. Also Sam and Sophia aren't allowed to see him here:-( They don't allow kids to come until they are 14years old. He is really starting to nurse like a champion!!! I am super excited. They let me nurse him exclusively this whole day and he gained 30grams! All of the staff were saying things like "oh you have the smart baby right?" "For a 34weeker he is doing amazing!" Etc etc...

See on the monitor? This day he had some really fast respiratory rates that were kind of concerning, but he came out of it on his own. THe last picture in the group has the blue and white blanket that this one little old lady made. She makes a blanket for EVERY BABY that comes to Emerson!!! Sweet right? Preston also got to wear big boy clothes today! The striped outfit is an outfit that Sammy wore:-)

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