Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Great Construction Project

So Matt and I bought this big beautiful home nearly two years ago. We both fell in love with this house, even though it needs A TON of work! Matt has been constantly working on a major renovation project since we have been here. Whether it has been rewiring electrical, building a whole new mantle, refinishing the bathroom/putting in new toilet, re-sheet rocking, stripping and refinishing trim, building fence, repointing chimney etc etc...
For the last several months his project has been the kids bedroom. He pulled down all the horse hair plaster and has been working tirelessly to sheet rock and finish their room. We are FINALLY getting close. I will share pictures of the process and then a sneak peak to the finished product. I will be so thankful to get Sam and Soph out of our bedroom (our bedroom is HUGE, and so they have bunkbeds in our room:-))

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