Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Preston's first 24hrs and the craziness after delivery...

So my little miracle was born at 3:28 in the morning. Matt was allowed to hold him for a few minutes before they quickly took him to the NICU. I was so overjoyed with him crying and how big he was. He was such a beautifully perfect boy. I was just praising God for blessing us yet again with something so wonderfully and perfectly made.
So after the section I was in the recovery room area for about five hours. So around 9am I finally was able to be transferred to the post partum floor. At that point they wheeled me to the NICU so I could really get a good look at Preston. They were doing a chest x-ray when I got there as he was struggling quite a bit to breathe. He was on C-Pap at that time (CPap stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure), e
essentially air is being forced into his lungs as he was unable to do it himself. When I was in the NICU the nurse told me that he would probably need to be intubated and put on a ventilator. I was sad but was just so thankful that he was in such a good place. This is him while he was on CPap, see how he was holding it himself?
After I saw him for a few minutes they brought me to my postpartum room and I took a nap. At some point during this period of time I asked for some medication because I was very itchy. I remember the nurse giving it to me and remember that my nose was tingling, but just attributing that to the anesthesia used for the surgery. Around 1pm I was able to go back to the NICU to see Preston with some milk that I had pumped. Unfortunately at this time he was intubated:-( They ended up giving him surfactant, this is a chemical that helps to make the alveoli in his lungs not stick together, so that they expand appropriately. Here he is when he was on the ventilator...
And some time shortly after that the craziness started...My memories of the next few hours are kind of mixed up....After I saw Preston in the NICU I told my nurse that I was itchy again. She gave me some medication for itching and then I began to pump for the baby. Some time around 3pm I pushed my call light and when they asked what I needed I told them that I didn't feel good and felt like I was going to pass out.
So apparently the day shift and evening shift nurses came down immediately and found me unresponsive. They shook me aggressively and yelled and I would flutter my eyes open but then go right back. They called the doctors in and transferred me to a higher level of care (although I don't have any idea where that was). But they transferred me from bed to stretcher then elevator, new bed, etc with no response. I then had blood work drawn, new IVs put in, and some tests like EKGs done. During all of this I was completely unaware of what was going on. My respirations were very shallow and blood pressure was low. And then after about 4hrs I opened my eyes, and said "This isn't my room." And then I was completely back to normal. Apparently I had an allergic reaction to the medication!!! It is always something isn't it?

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