Saturday, September 17, 2011

Preston: Day Ten (9/10)

WE ARE GOING HOME!!!! I am beyond thrilled! God has just opened the doors for us to go home. He is 5lb7oz today, ate about ever 2hrs throughout the night and day today and he is doing so well. His bilirubin level has finally started coming down and we don't have to worry about Jaundice any more.
And actually his umbilical cord has fallen off! I think his fell off the soonest out of all of my kiddos. THese nurses and doctors here have been fantastic. I feel completely prepared to take this little miracle home, and am so thankful that I can call 24hrs a day with questions. Praising God for this wonderful day:-)
Meme' and Auntie Denise, and Auntie Doreen got PReston a whole bunch of really sweet clothes. I LOVE this white outfit from my mom. So much so that I am not putting the coming home outfit that we got him on and putting the one from my mom.

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