Sunday, September 18, 2011

Life with 3 Miracles

To say that I am exhausted would be a huge understatement. But to say that I am thrilled beyond belief would also be an understatement. God has just blessed me so tremendously. I don't deserve these beautiful children but I am so so thankful for each one of them. My blogging has definitely suffered since bringing Preston home, but I am hoping that I can figure it out to continue documenting this crazy busy but beautiful time in our lives. The following is just to document last week for my own memory...
I brought Preston to Dr. V for a weight check, to check his jaundice and to do a complete physical. She was very surprised that he had been discharged already. Another miracle that God blessed us with an early discharge! She seemed to think he was doing well. And we were scheduled to follow up on friday. His weight was 5lb8oz, and the goal is for him to gain about 30grams a day....
Tuesday my little princess Sophia started preschool! I am so thankful that we can send her to a Christian preschool. I am not sure we will be able to afford it the entire time that I am out on maternity leave, but once I go back to work we will put her right back in. The Preschool is called sunshine garden, and it has been open for at least fifteen years. They have a wonderful program and teachers who really enjoy teaching our kids about the love of God. Soph already knew one little girl that was going named Alison. So they were thrilled to see each other there.
Wednesday was a kind of lay low day. Sam went to school and Soph and I hung out at home for the most part. I had an appt for an ultrasound as I had found a lump. But I am praising God that this lump is just a cyst and is no big deal!!! We also got to have a playdate with our friends and the kids got to ride their bikes and play on the playground, with my friend Meg and her kiddos. It was a great day with beautiful weather.
Sam is so thoroughly enjoying being a big brother to a boy:-) He absolutely loves to snuggle Preston.
This was Preston's follow up at the doctors office. She wasn't completely thrilled with his weight gain:-( It stinks to be in this place of concern for his weight. I am nursing every 2-2.5hrs with some occasional three hour stretches at night. He is getting supplemented 3 times a day with my breast milk that has calories added to it. If I feed him too much he gets gaggy and really not quite sure what will happen with this. I definitely would love to bulk him up before the really cold weather comes. We have to follow up on monday.

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