Friday, January 27, 2012


Goodness! This dairy and soy free thing is certainly going to be a challenge. I am so hopeful that I can continue to feed Preston, but concerned that my supply will decrease with such a drastic diet change. I have been doing lots of research and have found some really good resources out there for recipes and stuff. So it is just a matter of getting over the hump with what I like to eat versus what I can eat. Sam is having a relatively good week. He is getting ready to celebrate his 100th day of school next week, so had to make a project of something with 100 pieces. We actually made a balloon wreath:-) with 100 water balloons, not filled though. It is so fun to see him learning and counting by tens now, he made the balloons into 10 groups of ten and then each grouping was a color pattern. He is learning so much this year. And is really enjoying it. I am so thankful that he has remained so healthy this year, I was so nervous at the start of the year, but he has done phenominally. He is so carefree and silly lately. This picture is probably one of my favorites ever, because it is so silly and is the perfect picture of his silliness these days...
Sophia is also doing very well this week. She has had a blast at preschool this week, learning about all things bears. Songs, books, snacks, show and tell etc were all about bears. Her PT eval this week led to us being restarted with PT, and we will be going once a week for now. She has requested to wear dresses almost every day this week. SHe just loves to dress up and look beautiful.
Preston also is having a relatively good week. He seems a bit more comfortable since I have eliminated the dairy and soy from my diet. His discomfort seems less frequent but more intense when it does happen. He really is becoming so interactive and smiley. He loves staring at his hands/fingers and watching Sam and Sophia run around him. This week one night when I worked, he of course had bottles all day. Well he was so happy to be with me afterwards, that while he was feeding he kept smiling and saying "Mmmm." Oh it made me smile. I don't even have a good new pic of him to post, but here is an older cute one

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