Wednesday, January 11, 2012

18 weeks

We have had a rough last week with Mr Preston. Over the weekend he had fevers, very loose stools, and eventually some vomiting. And then starting on monday he has now developed some respiratory symptoms too. Poor little guy. He has been intermittently very irritable. At times completely happy and acting like himself and then at other times completely inconsolable and miserable. At 18weeks he is cooing so much! I just love it. Most of the time he is also making a little spitty noise while he is cooing too. He is blowing bubbles and cooing at the same time. He loves to coo when he first wakes up in the morning, and right after he has nursed. He likes to coo at his animals hanging down from his gymini, or other random aparatus that we use. He has the sweetest quiet little voice, completely unexpected for it to be so sweet and tiny.:-) He continues to roll over almost instantaneously when you put him on his belly. I think he is to the point where being on his belly doesn't really bother him but he would rather just be face up instead of face down. He is absolutely loving sucking on his fingers now, and just about anything else that comes in contact with his mouth. The faces he makes when he feels a strange texture in his mouth are so funny. My little love is absolutely loving his momma, which I am thrilled about. But it makes me sad to know he wants me and I have to work sometimes. He loves to snuggle with me and settles almost instantly when I take him from someone. Oh and those smiles he gives me just melt my heart:-) My poor sick sweet little boy:
And (some) of what has been helping us through this trial:

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