Monday, January 23, 2012

Photos and Dairy/Soy Free

Our wonderful photographer stuck our CD in the mail in December, and it took a month to get here!!! Thankfully she gave us the christmas card prints prior to this, but I just wanted to share these with you. They came out absolutely amazing. My friend Shannon is fabulous. If you are ever in Massachusetts you should look her up...Or if you want to fly her to you she is totally worth it:-)
So here are the first couple. I will post more tomorrow. As you can see the kids thoroughly enjoyed the photo shoot. As did I. In other news I have started a dairy and soy free diet to help Preston. I definitely am thinking that this is going to be a challenge but I am praying that I can stay strong and do this for him, and that he will feel better, and get over the stomach pain and bleeding. So I am going to chronical my adventures with eating here to track Preston's progress...Saturday was the first day of the D+S free diet. It was ROUGH! Preston seemed pretty much the same. And I was HUNGRY! Sunday was day two and he seemed less archy, but still having sharp "more intense" pain, but less frequent. Last night was a pretty rough night for him, but I am thinking it is because I had spaghetti sauce, that made him gassy. Today he seems a little better. And I am already starting to feel like there isn't much I can eat....

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