Wednesday, January 25, 2012

20 weeks

Hard to believe how big my little guy is getting and how fast time is flying by! I can't believe he is almost five months old! I can't believe that he has grown more than five inches and more than double his birth weight! Since last wednesday life has been pretty stressful, with the bloody stool. But thankfully as I have changed my diet it is appearing that he is starting to feel better and getting back to his old self. He has really taking a liking to the exersaucer this week, as well as anything and everything he can get in his mouth. He loves his gymini, and loves to watch Sam and Soph run around him. He is feeding still VERY FREQUENTLY, but I am hoping that he will start being able to space out his feedings, once the stomach issues are resolved. The other thing that has become very prevalent this week is him sticking out his tongue! He will actually even imitate it if he seems someone else do it! When we went to GI last week they recommended some other specialists so I am awaiting anxiously those appointments as well.

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