Monday, January 9, 2012

The Plague

Oh my goodness we are sick! It is awful! Preston got it first and it has lingered in him since friday night. Poor guy has had fever and diarrhea, and then developed vomiting on saturday night. Sunday he was exceedinly irritable but only had diarrhea and no vomiting. Today he has been in a better mood and has had diarrhea... This morning Sam had an appointment (more on that later) about an hour away, and my mom was supposed to watch PReston and Sophia. But people are sick at her house so she couldn't. So I took all three to the appointment with me. The kids were so well behaved while we were at the appointment. We were on the way home and I heard Sophia start coughing. And then the vomiting started.......7 times!!!! on the way home. It was awful, the smell was just disgusting. Poor Sam was sitting next to her gagging because the smell was so awful. So the GI bug is at our house....Praying that no one else gets it, and that Preston and Sophia can wake up tomorrow feeling much better.

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