Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tubby Time

Sam and Sophia have been asking for MONTHS to take a bath with Preston. I have always been very hesitant and haven't allowed them to do it. But today I had the idea to put the baby tub in the tub with him in it and then put water in the regular tub for Sophia. So they were "taking a bath together" like she so desperately wanted. It was cute, they both were smiling and happy to watch each other. Preston has really started to kick and splash alot in the tub:-) And our cat Lewis was super curious about all the commotion in the bathroom so he came in to watch too. Please pray for Sammy as he has his colonoscopy/endoscopy on monday. I am trying so hard not to be anxious and to remember that God is in control. But unfortunately for some reason I am scared about this. I know that God will be with him through it all, and that He will protect him, but I am still anxious. I just keep thinking back to the last colonscopy where he had the hematoma and subsequent hemorrhage. SCARY!!! So please be praying for him, and for us that we can stay focused on God and His power. Also please pray for the prep for this, that it doesn't hurt Sammy's tummy. Thank you!!!

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